Evangelist Jonny Gaston
Apr 15, 2018

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New Posts
  • John Roush
    Apr 17, 2018

    I have witnessed to hundreds of people.My great love for Christ was my drive. I don'want any to perish. I had even taken a course called The Way of The Master. It was put together by Ray Comfort and Kirk Camron. The course was designed to help christians witness to the world. This course was taught by a dear friend of mine Evangelist Jonny Gaston. Laying in bed, Me and my wife were watching Trinity Broadcast Network. Me and my wife were still practically newly weds. Our 1 year anniversary was days away. On the TV The announcer asked if Jesus split the sky right now. Would you be called up to live out eternity with the Savior. My response was heck yes I would. I looked then at my wife and I ask her. Well how about yourself? Would you be called up if Jesus came right now? She was quite She had no answer. I spoke up to her and said you dont have to answer your actions have given me the answer. I had witnessed to hundreds of people but laying right beside me. The women i loved the most. Was a lost soul. I had been so gungho to save so many that i neglected to look right next to me. Expecting her to naturally be saved because of my devotion to ministry and church. Immediately i started witnessing to my wife. Expressing the urgency for her to except Christ as her Lord and to repent. As i was explaining the need for Christ and thesteps to recieve eternal life. My phone rang it was Jonny Gaston. Jonny had called me to tell me about him witnessing to a buddist. He was also telling me about this blog that i am currently writting on. Jonny ask me to post an experience witnessing and post it on the blog. Me and friend talked for well over an hour. Sometime during our conversation my wife had fallen asleep. The next morning i didnt go to work till around 8am. God had givin me time to talk to my wife Christy. I explained to Christy that she had to surrender to Jesus and repent. That nobody could do it for her. That she had to be the one to submitt to Christ. I ask her while i was at work to please speak to the Savior. To help the situation i took notebook paper and wrote little sayings on them like ( He loves you and wants to give you eternal life) ( Today is the day ) (Jesus loves you and wants a relationship ) I pinned them all over the house and even in our vehicle. At work that day i prayed. But i knew it was Christys day of salvation. On arrival home. I hadnt been home long. When after asking that Christy expressed that she had a heart to heart with the King of Kings. I had been in a rush to witness to everybody that i had neglected to witness to my best friend and wife. I took it for granted that she had recieved the gosphel and her salvation was locked in. Sometimes we only have to look in our own backyard to find the lost. The Lord had brought it to my attention that my partner in marraige needed to be redeemed.God spoke life into my wife that day
  • Evangelist Jonny Gaston
    Apr 15, 2018

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  • Evangelist Jonny Gaston
    Apr 15, 2018

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